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Module ts-macros[src]


ts-macros is a custom typescript transformer which allows you to create function macros. This library is heavily inspired by Rust's macro_rules! macro, and it's just as powerful!

Basic usage

All macro names must start with a dollar sign ($) and must be declared using the function keyword. Macros can then be called just like a normal function, but with a ! after it's name: $macro!(params).

function $contains<T>(value: T, ...possible: Array<T>) {
    // repetition which goes over all the elements in the "possible" array
    return +["||", [possible], (item: T) => value === item];

const searchItem = "google";
console.log($contains!(searchItem, "erwin", "tj")); 
// Transpiles to: console.log(false);

Macros can also be chained with any javascript expression.

declare global {
    interface String {
        $contains<T>(...possible: Array<T>) : boolean;

"feud".$contains!("google", "feud", "erwin");
// Transpiles to: true

To read more about ts-macros features, visit the documentation, or you can check out the interactive playground if you want to play with macros without having to set up an enviourment!

What you can do with ts-macros:

  • Generate repetitive code
  • Generate code conditionally, based on enviourment variables or other configuration files
  • Create abstractions without the runtime cost

What you can't do with ts-macros:

  • Generate types which you can use in your code. ts-macros is only a transformer, it's ran after typechecking, so generating different types has no effect. However, the code inside the macro itself still gets typechecked


npm i --save-dev ts-macros

Usage with ttypescript

By default, typescript doesn't allow you to add custom transformers, so you must use a tool which adds them. ttypescript does just that! Make sure to install it:

npm i --save-dev ttypescript

and add the ts-macros transformer to your tsconfig.json:

"compilerOptions": {
    //... other options
    "plugins": [
        { "transform": "ts-macros" }

then transpile your code with ttsc.

Usage with ts-loader

const TsMacros = require("ts-macros").default;

options: {
    getCustomTransformers: (program) => ({
        before: [TsMacros(program)]

Usage with vite

If you want to use ts-macros with vite, you'll have to use the @rollup/plugin-typescript plguin. Here is an example repository which sets up a basic vite project which includes ts-macros.

Note: Macros and dev mode do not work well together. If your macro is in one file, and you're using it in a different file, and you want to change some code inside the macro, you'll also have to change some code in the file the macro's used in so you can see the change. It could be adding an empty line or a space somewhere, the change doesn't matter, the file just needs to be transpiled again for the changes in the macro to happen.


This library has 2 built-in macros ($raw and $comptime) which can execute arbitrary code during transpile time. The code is not sandboxed in any way and has access to your file system and all node modules.

If you're transpiling an untrusted codebase which uses this library, make sure to turn the noComptime option to true. Enabling it will replace all calls to these macros with null without executing the code inside them.


"plugins": [
        { "transform": "ts-macros", "noComptime": true }

manually creating the factory:

TsMacros(program, { noComptime: true });


ts-macros is being maintained by a single person. Contributions are welcome and appreciated. Feel free to open an issue or create a pull request at


$$loadEnvfunction $$loadEnv$$loadEnv
$$readFilefunction $$readFile$$readFile
$$inlineFuncfunction $$inlineFunc$$inlineFunc
$$inlinefunction $$inline$$inline
$$kindoffunction $$kindof$$kindof
$$definefunction $$define$$define
$$ifunction $$i$$i
$$lengthfunction $$length$$length
$$identfunction $$ident$$ident
$$errfunction $$err$$err
$$includesfunction $$includes$$includes
$$slicefunction $$slice$$slice
$$tsfunction $$ts$$ts
$$escapefunction $$escape$$escape
$$propsOfTypefunction $$propsOfType$$propsOfType
$$typeToStringfunction $$typeToString$$typeToString
$$comptimefunction $$comptime$$comptime
$$rawfunction $$raw$$raw
$$textfunction $$text$$text
$$setStorefunction $$setStore$$setStore
$$getStorefunction $$getStore$$getStore
$$decomposefunction $$decompose$$decompose
$$mapfunction $$map$$map
$$typeAssignableTofunction $$typeAssignableTo$$typeAssignableTo
macrosconst macrosmacros
TsMacrosConfiginterface TsMacrosConfigTsMacrosConfig
RawContextinterface RawContextRawContext
Accumulatortype AccumulatorAccumulator
Savetype SaveSave
EmptyDecoratortype EmptyDecoratorEmptyDecorator
LabelKindsenum LabelKindsLabelKinds
IfLabelinterface IfLabelIfLabel
ForIterLabelinterface ForIterLabelForIterLabel
ForLabelinterface ForLabelForLabel
WhileLabelinterface WhileLabelWhileLabel
BlockLabelinterface BlockLabelBlockLabel
Labeltype LabelLabel